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Congratulations to Adam - Passing with no faults!

The New MINI Cooper D

Now on the road - look out for it!


You only learn to drive once, so make it a MINI Adventure in 2019 and learn in the most iconic car on the road! Learning to drive should be a special occasion in your life, with Learn in a MINI you will learn in a stunning car that you will be proud to be seen in!



With Learn in a MINI you are choosing a highly respected "Grade A" Driving Instructor with a well earned reputation - click on the I've Passed page to read reviews from my many happy pupils:


Including global pop superstar Harry Styles from One Direction who passed with Learn in a MINI on his first attempt at the Crewe Driving Test Centre 

in December 2011 in a gap between concerts!


Kevin Wise, your instructor is patient, friendly, a non-smoker, professional and committed to making your learning to drive experience special. Click on the links above to find out more about the services that are on offer.


You will learn to drive using your preferred learning style to the DVSA National Standards with the very latest in-car training aids that will speed up your learning process. Your progress will be tracked using the Driver's Record to ensure that you cover all you need to know at a pace that suits you.


You can Learn in a MINI in Crewe, Nantwich and the surrounding areas.

  • Latest News:
  • NEW May 2019 - Joshua Christelow is the new leader of the Eco Safe driving challenge! He achieved an amazing 71.3 mpg at an average speed of 28.3 mph on Thursday 16th May for a combined score of 99.6! Will it ever be beaten? 


  • April 2019 - Plans are in place to move the Crewe driving test centre away from its current location in Nile Street, just off the Nantwich Road, watch this space for the latest news when the move is officially announced. 


  • April 2019 - Learn in a MINI pupils are now completing motorway lessons before passing their tests. If you've passed your test and not yet driven on a motorway you are in danger of being overtaken by a new breed of more confident learner drivers! Why not try a 2 hour motorway lesson in the MINI to make sure you fully use the freedom provided by your full licence! Visit the "Motorway lessons" page for full details.


  • NEW December 2017 - The new driving test is now live: The independent driving section is now 20 minutes, 4 out of 5 candidates are asked to follow directions from a Sat Nav, the reversing manoeuvres have changed and you are now asked a "show me" question on the move. Visit the "The Tests" pages to find out more. 


  • July 2017 - New Car: A new MINI Cooper D is now on the road! Blazing Red with black roof, stripes and wheels, this is the most stunning Learn in a MINI car yet!


  • June 2017 - Ultra Low Emissions: Diesel cars are always in the news at the moment for their harmful NOx emissions. You can rest assured that during your driving lessons you are keeping the air as clean as possible because the MINI 3 cylinder diesel engine already meets the tough EURO 6 regulations for emissions and is one of the cleanest engines on the road. 


  • June 2017 Theory Test Pro: Free iOS / Android App for your smartphone - All pupils can now download the Learn in a MINI Free smartphone App to practice for the theory test anywhere. Book lessons today and start studying for your theory test straightaway!


  • All Driving Instructors are periodically tested to ensure that their quality of tuition meets the standards required by the Government. Kevin was tested on the 16th September 2015 and achieved the highest grade possible - Grade A!


Please call Kevin Wise on 07931 537124 or 01270 659112

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