Some useful information for parents to consider when their children are about to learn to drive:


The most common question asked by parents is "How long will it take and how much will it cost?"

Most are taken aback at the average number of lessons now required (45+ hours) and the cost passing £1500, they then think back to passing their test in 10 hours or so and for about £8 per hour. The next reaction is then often to think about how to cut both the time and the cost involved....


...As a person who passed my test in 1983 at the first attempt with no professional lessons I can understand how they may feel.

But think very carefully, driving is a life skill and carries high responsibilities in todays crowded roads, parents will spend many thousands of pounds in raising their children to 17 years old but then suddenly decide to penny pinch on the one area which is most likely to result in them being killed or seriously injured.


By choosing a course of driving instruction carefully, you will give your children the best chance of "Safe Driving for Life"
 Key points to consider:
  • There are a lot of driving schools offering free lessons and 5 hours for £60 or so at the moment - in these difficult economic times surely that MUST be a good deal, why pay more for lessons? There will be many new instructors starting up in the next few months who will offer lessons at a loss to attract business and then have to cut costs to survive - how far will you drive in these special price lessons? Will lessons start late and finish early? Will you have to pay for more lessons in the end to make up the shortfall? With Learn in a MINI your learner will get full value for money from the first minute in the car, my recommendations come from very satisfied customers.


  • Will your instructor teach your child to "pass the test" or "safe driving for life?". You can pass a test in Crewe, for example, and NOT know how to: Reverse into a parking bay in a car park, use the spiral roundabouts at B&Q and Crewe Green, emerge safely onto a dual carriageway from a slip road, park and emerge safely from a lay-by, drive on a country lane and now in 2020 - drive on a motorway. These subjects are not tested in Crewe and in many cases are not taught. With Learn in a MINI your learner will cover all the above and more!


  • Many parents may decide to save money and try to teach their children themselves - this is fine if you are an expert driver and can teach a new skill to someone in a classroom moving at up to 70mph! With Learn in a MINI private practice between lessons is encouraged and help and advice on what and how to practice is always available. A partnership with a qualified instructor is much better than going it alone!


  • Ensure your instructor is qualified to teach - many larger driving schools use trainee instructors who may never officially qualify by passing the toughest Part 3 test. If you consider using a trainee you should negotiate a lower price! With Learn in a MINI your instructor is fully qualified to teach - has achieved the highest grade available and holds advanced driving qualifications


  • Will your instructor be confident to teach the whole syllabus and be experienced in a variety of roads and traffic conditions? With Learn in a MINI your instructor has 37 years of driving experience, of which 10 years was spent driving in London and the South East covering up to 40,000 miles per year. All Learn in a MINI learner drivers will experience Motorway driving before passing their test. 


  • Will your child be taught to drive in an Eco-Safe manner? Eco-Safe driving is a recognised and proven style of driving that contributes to road safety whilst reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions. With Learn in a MINI your child will be taught the principles of Eco-Safe driving and take part in a fun challenge to try to produce the best fuel consumption and average speed on a set 18 mile route 


  • Will your instructor keep you up to date on your learner's progress? With Learn in a MINI progress is monitored using the latest iPad app and detailed notes are made for each lesson, allowing you to know exactly how your learner is progressing.


  • Many parents say: "My son/daughter has just passed their test, surely I don't now need to pay for more lessons for the Pass Plus course - they'll pick it up on their own" This is a very risky strategy for the most dangerous activity anyone does in their normal daily life - when you paid for music lessons, ask yourself did you say to the piano teacher - "just teach them the white keys, I'm sure they will work out the black keys on their own"? Give your child the best start to their driving career - Take Pass Plus with Learn in a MINI
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