If you have driven previously but for one reason or another have taken a break from driving, it can be quite daunting to get back behind the wheel of a car on your own.

Friends and family will often support in these circumstances but how can you be sure that the advice they are giving you is up to date or indeed correct!


The solution is a Returning to Driving course with Learn in a MINI:

With the safety of a dual controlled car (unless you wish to use your own car), up to date driving advice and times and duration of lessons to suit your circumstances, you will quickly regain the confidence to drive on your own again.

A Returning to Driving course would also be ideal, for example, if you have driven an automatic car for a number of years and wish to return to using a car with manual gears. Or if you have always struggled with parking and were too afraid to ask for help!


Returning to Driving courses (for full licence holders) are priced at £37.00 per hour and include pick up and drop off at a pre-agreed location.


Please contact me on 07931 537124 or 01270 659112 to discuss your requirements and book your course.

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