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The current Driving Test is in two parts - the theory test and the practical test. It is advisable to study for the theory test while you are learning to drive, but you must pass the theory test before you can apply to take the practical test.


Theory Test centres are now open and you can book a test using the normal website - link below. 

One of the best ways to study for the Theory Test is to use Theory Test Pro - the latest way to study online for the test - click here to get started. All Learn in a MINI pupils get full free access to Theory Test Pro using any internet device or the FREE smartphone App.


It does require a commitment to study but ALL of my pupils that have answered ALL of the questions and practised the hazard perception clips on the App go on to pass the test. 


What do I need to study for the theory test?

The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone learning to drive, I would advise you to read this book first before you start completing lots of mock theory tests. It is far better to understand the rules and theory of driving rather than guess lots of answers and get them right by default. 

You can then also read Know Your Traffic Signs for more detail on the signs you will see on the road and Driving - the essential skills for more information about the best driving practices. I would also advise that you have some practice at the hazard perception part of the test, this can be done with interactive DVD's available to use on your PC, DVD player or Games machine.

There are a multitude of other books, DVDs and Apps that will help you pass both parts of the test, these are available from High Street retailers, Internet retailers, eBay or direct from the DSA.

What help will you get from me?

I won't sit at the side of the road asking you questions from the theory test as this is not a great use of your time or money but I will ask you questions as we are driving along to see if you can apply the knowledge that you will be gaining from your study. I will also advise you on which sections to read up on to prepare for future lessons.

I will advise you when to apply to take the theory test, based on the answers you give me and the progress you are making in your driving lessons.

What do you have to do on the test?

The test is computer based and has a multiple choice part followed by a hazard perception part. You must pass both parts at the same sitting.

For the multiple choice part you use a touch screen system to answer 50 questions, you must answer 43 or more correctly to pass this part.

For the hazard perception part you watch 14 video clips shot from the drivers seat of a car featuring various hazards, such as vehicles, pedestrians and road conditions. You click the mouse as you see the hazards developing (i.e. where the driver will have to take some action). The earlier you spot the developing hazard and respond, the higher the score. You can score up to 5 marks on each hazard and the test contains 15 scoreable hazards.

The pass mark for the test is 44 out of 75.

Where can I take the test?

The nearest Theory Test Centres for this area are in Chester and Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent. The current price for the test is £23.00

To book your test, follow this link:

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