What recent successful pupils have said about their learning to drive experience with Kevin Wise:



I highly recommend Kev as a driving instructor. He ensured that not only was I ready to pass first time but I also feel safe and confident when driving independently thanks to his clear instructions - whilst being flexible around college lessons too. 

Adam, Nantwich, Passed April 2022

Kevin was a brilliant driving instructor. He provided me with the essential skills needed to pass the driving test as well as the skills needed to drive independently with confidence on all roads. The motorway and rural lessons were very helpful. Thanks Kevin! 

James, Wistaston, Passed March 2022

Kev taught me how to drive in a really easy and simple manner. He was really good at explaining everything and made the lessons enjoyable. He made sure I was fully prepared for my test and ready to drive on my own too! Thanks Kev! 

Ben, Nantwich, Passed Jan 2022

A great instructor, made me feel relaxed in the car, explained things clearly and gave me a clear understanding of the car. He was patient and gave great advice. Very pleased to pass first time. 

Ben, Nantwich, Passed Jan 2022

I really enjoyed learning to drive with Kev, as he was very patient and enthusistic which made it such a calm environment to learn in. With the combination of his knowledge and encouraging words he has made me feel confident whilst driving independently. Highly recommended to learn with Kev! Thank you Kev!

Annie, Audlem, Passed Jan 2022

Thank you so much for everything Kevin! Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor, passed first time and am now a confident driver thanks to you!

Megan, Nantwich, Passed Dec 2021

I highly recommend Kev as a driving instructor as he is supportive, organised and an excellent teacher. He not only made sure that I was ready to pass a test but also to drive independently in a safe and precise way. Overall I am enjoying driving by myself as a result of a great driving instructor, thanks  Kev!

Thea, Nantwich, Passed Dec 2021

Kev was extremely patient and calm, creating a comfortable and safe environment to learn to drive in. He taught me everything clearly in a way that suited my own individual way of learning. I would 100% recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

Hannah, Nantwich, Passed Oct 2021

Thanks to Kev I was able to pass my driving test first time. He was always extremely supportive and had many ways of teaching different skills, making sure I learned to drive to a high standard. His enthusiasm to teaching made driving lessons fun and enjoyable, allowing me to gain a clear understanding. Thank you very much Kev!

Libby, Nantwich, Passed Oct 2021

Kev was really good at teaching me how to drive. He explained things in a great way and did it in a simple manner. He made sure I was 100% prepared for my test and made sure I was ready to drive on my own in general. 10/10!

Harvey, Nantwich, Passed Sept 2021

Kev's calm and friendly approach to teaching made learning to drive a really positive experience for me. I gained skills not only to help me pass my test but also to become a better safer driver once driving independently. I really appreciated how lessons were always fitted in despite busy college life and with the uncertainties of Covid this year. Thank you very much Kev!

Lucy, Nantwich, Passed Sept 2021

Kev made my driving experience go very smoothly, despite driving interruptions due to Covid-19. I was able to build my confidence and with his eye for detail, I managed to pass first time - something I do not think would have been possible without such a supportive instructor!

Casper, Nantwich, Passed May 2021

Thanks Dad!

Sam, Nantwich, Passed May 2021

At first I was reluctant about learning to drive as I couldn't see myself behind the wheel of a car at all but now thanks to Kev being an amazing tutor I feel like a safe and confident driver! Thanks again.

Seb, Nantwich, Passed September 2020

Thanks Kevin for helping me pass my practical and theory tests first time! He is a great driving instructor who helped build my confidence and pass my test with only two minors. I would highly recommend as his lessons were always worthwhile and enjoyable. His precise way of teaching helped me become a safe driver and it's been a great experience for me. He allowed me to become the best possible driver I could be whilst having fun at the same time and I've learnt some extremely valuable skills that I will take forward with me when driving independently. Thanks Kev it's been great!

Emma, Nantwich, Passed November 2019

Thanks, the whole experience was brilliant, you certainly made teaching me to drive feel easy. Overall you were very patient with helping to find the right techniques to help me pass. You made me feel at ease and you were very efficient with booking lessons around my busy "mum" and "work" life. I would happily recommend you to anyone who needs a tutor.

10/10 the best to learn in!

Chloe, Willaston, Passed September 2019

Thanks to Kevin, I passed my driving test on the first attempt. I would highly recommend Kevin and Learn in a MINI to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Kevin is an excellent driving instructor.

Joshua, Crewe, Passed July 2019

I enjoyed the lessons and felt really well prepared by you for my test. Thanks for all your help!

Adam, Willaston, Passed July 2019

Kev is an encouraging, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher who truly pushes you to do your best when learning to drive. I've had an enjoyable experience learning in a MINI due to Kev's patience, support and humour! Always very reliable and organised. Would highly highly recommend to anyone. Thankyou!

Pippa, Nantwich, Passed June 2019

Just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass my theory and practical tests first time, with only one minor on my practical.

You made me feel very comfortable and made the whole experience enjoyable, the Polos and Mentos definitely help! To receive a compliment from the examiner reflects what a great tutor you are. I'll be using you for the Pass Plus and have also recommended you to my friends. 

Lydia, Nantwich, Passed March 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Kevin! He was patient, calm and took time to make sure I understood everything. This meant I felt well prepared and was able to pass my test first time. 

Charlotte, Nantwich, Passed March 2019

Thanks for your help and support in getting me through my test first time.

I really struggled to pass my theory test until I met Kevin who gave me access to his Theory Test Pro app and with that and Kevin's support I passed, which I never thought I would.

Well worth the money if you are looking for someone who is professional but fun to learn with. Thanks Kevin, couldn't have done it without you!

Megan, Crewe, Passed January 2019

Before I started driving I believed I couldn’t do it - however once I started with Kev I gained a confidence in a field I felt I never would. He is extremely patient and willing to re-explain a concept (however many times I needed it!). Kev was always on time for the lessons and kept an organised record of both payment and time of lessons. The theory test pro app allowed me to pass my theory test, presenting practice tests and questions. Before my practical test even with the pressing factor of me leaving for university, Kev taught me everything I needed to know (and well!) thus allowing me to pass my test first time of asking with only 5 minors. I thoroughly enjoyed my 9 months with Kev and can recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive. Many thanks Kev.

Martin, Nantwich, Passed September 2018

During my 7 months of learning to drive Kev never cancelled once and is a very reliable instructor. Kev was very supportive and patient with me and the videos on the iPad were also a great help. I also learnt a lot of useful lifelong skills as well. The Theory Test Pro app was fantastic to help me pass my theory test. I'm so grateful for Kev's support and getting me through the test. It has been life changing for me and my family and I'm now currently enjoying driving. I would highly recommend Learn in a MINI. Kev is a fantastic instructor and very dedicated. Many thanks Kev.


Steph, Crewe, Passed September 2018

Learning to drive was always a daunting venture for me so naturally the instructor I chose was a big decision but I knew immediately during my first lesson that learning with Kevin was a great decision.  Kevin is definitely one of the most friendly and easy-going people I have ever met in my life so my whole experience of learning to drive with him by my side has been a pleasure. Kevin has an immensely vast knowledge of everything to do with driving so he guided me to being the best possible driver I could be with ease. Aside from teaching me just the basics of driving and setting me on the path to passing my test he taught me countless invaluable road skills to being a safe driver that I’ll use for the rest of my life. I amazingly passed my test with only one minor as well so I seriously couldn’t recommend him enough. Thanks Kev!


Oliver, Nantwich, Passed September 2018

Originally I was not set on learning to drive but after starting with Kev, this soon changed. It was an exciting and engaging experience and I must say I would never even consider learning with anybody else! He is the best driving instructor anybody could ask for. He's taught all my friends and family who have all passed first time just like myself! Highly recommend learning to drive with Kev!


Bobby, Crewe, Passed August 2018

Thank you for helping me pass first time with only 3 minors! Would definitely recommend to anyone!


Ryan, Crewe, Passed May 2018

The best instructor I could have asked for, clear and easy to understand lessons were enjoyable and made it easier to pass my test. Thanks Kev!!


Dan, Nantwich, Passed April 2018

I've had an amazing experience learning to drive with Learn in a MINI, passing first time with only 3 minors! I was really put at ease and never made to feel rushed or pressured when not understanding things. Kev was calm and patient in all my lessons & always gave me constructive feedback, allowing me to know which areas needed practice. Kev has been great company and the lessons were always fun yet professional & I always looked forward to them. His high standard of teaching always meant he was going above and beyond which really sets him aside from other instructors! I've been taught some invaluable skills that weren't even necessary for the test but have made me an even safer driver now! I would recommend Kev to anyone learning to drive, he is the reason my brother and I both passed first time. Thanks Kev!!


Annabel, Nantwich, Passed January 2018

I had my first lesson just a week after my 17th birthday so I was a bit nervous to start with but Kevin quickly put me at ease and from the first lesson I really enjoyed driving with Kevin. The MINI was a great car to learn in, really easy to drive and I felt very safe and comfortable. Kevin was very thorough and patient and I progressed at a pace that suited me and alllowed me to build my driving skills and confidence. When I took my test I felt really well prepared and confident and thanks to Kevin's fantastic tuition I passed first time and I am now loving driving! I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone wanting to learn to drive.


Katie, Nantwich, Passed January 2018

My learning experience was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, with my full confidence in the instructor!


Charlie, Nantwich, Passed December 2017

Thanks Dad!


Billy, Nantwich, Passed December 2017

Originally I was reluctant to begin learning how to drive, however now after passing I enjoy both the new found freedom and the driving itself. I owe all the confidence and experience to Kevin who has been a brilliant instructor and who I would highly recommend to anyone. I looked forward to the lessons each week as the car was lovely to drive and Kevin always had an endless supply of Polos and Mentos! He was very patient with me throughout and was happy to explain anything I didn't understand. When it came to my test, I felt prepared and relaxed as Kevin had gone above and beyond what I had expected of an instructor. I really loved learning how to drive and now I feel confident on the roads, so thank you Kevin!


Rachel (Hannah's sister), Nantwich, Passed October 2017

Having been quite nervous at the thought of driving before getting behind the wheel, I was instantly put at my ease in my first lesson with Kevin. He always takes the time to explain each concept of the lesson and even if you don't get it first time, he is very patient and will happily explain until you understand. The car itself is extremely immaculate, lovely to drive and feels really smooth on the roads. I would highly recommend Learn in a MINI to anyone as Kevin never turned up late, was never unprepared and didn't once cancel a lesson! I really enjoyed my driving lessons and thoroughly believe I'm a safe driver because of them - thank you Kevin!


Hannah (Rachel's sister), Nantwich, Passed October 2017

Kev was an amazing Driving Instructor who was always patient and understanding. He made me feel comfortable from the very first lesson and provided me with the skills I needed to become a more confident driver which enabled me to pass my test first time - something that I wouldn't have been able to do without him! His friendly personality and sense of humour made learning to drive such an enjoyable experience and I looked forward to all of my lessons. I'm so grateful for all that he taught me - I couldn't have picked a better instructor to learn to drive with and I would recommend Kev to anyone!


Yasmin, Crewe, Passed August 2017

Kev was a great Driving Instructor, I enjoyed all of my lessons because Kev made me feel at ease. He gave me the confidence to believe in my abilities and gave me constructive feedback. I passed first time with only four minors, he knew when the right time was for me to put in for my test. I can thoroughly recommend Kev!


Emily, Nantwich, Passed June 2017

Kevin is a brilliant driving instructor who I would highly recommend to anyone learning to drive. He doesn't just teach you the necessary skills to pass your test, he teaches the skills to become a safe and aware driver on the road. Kevin is a calm and considerate teacher which helped me feel safe and confident behind the wheel, this helped me to pass first time with only 2 faults!


Dominic, Nantwich, Passed June 2017

Kev is the best instructor I could have had to help me learn to drive, being such a nervous driver at first. Kev made me feel comfortable and confident. He always made it clear exactly what we were doing and he went beyond teaching me what I needed for a test. He made the extra effort to teach me all that I would need to know after I had passed my test too! I wouldn't have been able to have pass first time without Kev's help and would definitely recommend him to anyone!


Kaitlin, Nantwich, Passed May 2017 "The 10 year anniversary pass"

Really enjoyed the driving lesons. Kevin was very knowledgeable and calmly gave instructions that were clear and easy to follow. Every lesson was great fun and it definitely led to me passing first time. Thanks for getting me through my test!


Steven, Nantwich, Passed March 2017

Kevin is a fantastic driving instructor and I couldn't have wished for a better experience. He always makes you feel safe and confident whilst sitting in the driving seat. He explains every scenario incredibly well and if you don't understand then he is patient and takes time to talk it through calmly.


Ross, Nantwich, Passed February 2017


Great teacher and a lovely car. Got me, my brother and my sister through our tests first time. Would highly recommend using Kevin as your instructor!


Fynn, Nantwich, Passed February 2017



My time learning with Kevin has been fantastic. Kev possesses a high level of expertise and an unbelievable eye for detail. His acceptance of only impeccability as the minimum standard really is noticeable. His joyful and patient character allowed for many pleasant and beneficial lessons and I believe this professionalism sets him apart from every other driving instructor. 


Jake, Crewe, Passed February 2017



Great driving instructor with great feedback on your driving ability, definitely worth the time and money, would drive with again. 


Sam, Crewe, Passed February 2017



Kevin taught a lot of people I know to drive and it's had a great outcome - all passed first time! He's a great teacher and I highly recommend him.


Lucie, Aston, Passed December 2016



I cannot recommend Kev and Learn in a MINI enough. I had previously had another instructor and completely lost my confidence. It was a year before I felt I wanted to get in a car again. Kev was great. He makes you feel relaxed and explains everything really well. I liked the fact that Kev taught me, not how to pass a test, but how to be safe on the road. I passed first time and am looking forward to having the Pass Plus lessons in the new year. 


Harrison, Aston, Passed November 2016



I would 100% recommend Kev to anyone who wants to learn to drive. He is so professional in his role but makes learning to drive fun and interactive. Kev has the best sense of humour and I didn't have a lesson where he couldn't make me laugh or smile. The interactive videos and apps on his iPad really helped you understand what was being asked of you and the car itself is really nice to drive. The added bonus is Kev's endless motivational polos! They always gave you a boost when you needed it most. Without Kev, I don't think I would have passed 1st time or even enjoyed learning to drive. He's just fab and made my learning to drive experience beyond memorable.


Ellie, Crewe, Passed October 2016



Kev is a fantastic driving instructor. He is friendly and has a great sense of humour. Kev always made lessons enjoyable and purposeful, the visual aids on the iPad meant I was able to achieve an in depth understanding of road situations and then put it into practice. The MINI was an immaculate learning environment and Kev was always punctual. All of which helped me to pass my test first time. I would definitely recommend Learn in a MINI to a friend.  


Beth, Nantwich, Passed October 2016



I would definitely recommend Kev to any new drivers looking to learn in a friendly and immaculate environment with a constant supply of polos. I looked forward to my lessons as I would be challenged in a variety of situations and routes. I felt very comfortable on my test as it felt like any other lesson with Kev - as a result I managed to pass first time!


Millie, Nantwich, Passed September 2016



Thanks for everything Kev, much appreciated!


Callum, Nantwich, Passed August 2016



Kev was a fantastic driving instructor. He always kept calm in the car which I found to be a great help as it kept me calm and relaxed whilst driving. He was very informative with everything regarding the car and I felt he really helped me to get to grips with it very early on. By making sure he corrected any bad habits I picked up from driving both his car and my own car, it rectified my driving and made me feel comfortable in what I was doing. I began as a very nervous driver but the many times going on the dual carriageways and complicated, narrow country roads as well as roads full of parked cars really helped me become more confident as I came face to face with issues (parked cars, knowing what speed is best to drive on certain roads, other drivers actions, etc.) early on, which I now encounter almost everyday when driving alone. I would highly recommend Kev to anybody as he really makes you feel comfortable around him and on the roads right from the off and I wouldn't have passed first time without his excellent help and assistance.


Georgia, Nantwich, Passed July 2016



Kev is an amazing driving instructor who I would recommend to anyone. He is very patient and thorough, which is why I now believe I am a safe driver. I can't thank him enough for all of the skills I have learnt. His lessons are always fun and I will always remember learning something new every single lesson and feeling more and more confident after each one. I am very glad that I chose Kev to teach me how to drive and thank the friend that recommended him!


Hannah, Nantwich, Passed with no faults in July 2016 



Learning to drive with Kevin was fantastic - having had previous lessons with another instructor, he stands out as a professional who teaches you not only how to pass your test first time but also how to drive with confidence on areas the exam doesn't cover, which is obviously important when driving in the "real world". Most importantly though, Kevin is a great laugh which helps when your're feeling slightly nervous! Can't recommend him enough.


Maisie, Nantwich, Passed June 2016



I would like to say a big "thank you Kevin" for teaching me to drive! I've loved every minute of it, you were so patient with me and made me feel at ease and so comfortable. I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Once again a big "Thank You"


Laura, Crewe, Passed February 2016


If you are looking for an instructor with an immaculate car, a good sense of humour and an ample supply of polos, then Kev's your man! with Learn in a MINI I learnt invaluable driving skills that exceeded the test requirements. Kev made the test feel just like any other drive and as a result I passed first time!

James, Nantwich - Passed November 2015


I am proud to say I have had a delightful experience learning to drive with Kev over these past three months. I am very grateful for the patience Kev has given me and I can honestly say I looked forward to every lesson I had with him. Kev is fantastic and very friendly too, which as a result made me feel very comfortable and I was able to ask anything I was uncertain of. He not only prepares you brilliantly for the test but also prepares you for what's really in store once you get onto the roads! I want to thank Kev for all the hard work and especially for the high 5 I received once I had passed my test. It most certainly is a moment that will stay with me for life! I would highly recommend Learn in a MINI and I look forward to booking my Pass Plus next with Kev.

Jen, Nantwich - Passed October 2015


Every lesson with Kev offered something different. I always looked forward to my lessons and and learnt a variety of valuable skills for driving (in real life, not just to pass the test) whilst also having great fun doing it. Kev has the patience of a saint and a brilliant sense of humour which made learning with Kev easier than with anyone else. Prior to learning with Kev I had another driving instructor and comparatively I developed so much further in my time with Kev than with the other instructor. Kev always did his best to solve any issues I had professionally and equip me with loads of information for passing my theory and practical tests first time. Kev was always on time and well prepared with a summary of the last lesson and star ratings of what I did well or needed to work on. Each lesson was individually tailored to fit me and I would highly recommend Kev to absolutely anyone who was considering learning to drive.

Emily, Nantwich - Passed September 2015


From never having sat in the drivers seat before to passing my test first time, I am going to forever thankful of Kevin's patience and expertise in driving. Kev was unlike other driving instructors who just teach you how to pass your test, as he taught me invaluable driving skills to make sure I was prepared for any situation. I would strongly recommend Kev to anyone looking at learning to drive. 

Anja, Nantwich - Passed August 2015


Kev is a great and friendly instructor, I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! I have recommended him to a number of people already and will continue to recommend. Not only has he helped me to pass my test, he has helped teach me how to drive above and beyond the test. Can't thank Kev enough for everything!

George, Nantwich - Passed May 2015


I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone looking to learn. He is very patient and makes every lesson enjoyable. He gives great advice and prepares you well for both the Theory and Practical tests. With Kevin's help I was able to pass both tests first time!

Jonathan, Haslington - Passed May 2015



I would recommend Kev to anyone! I enjoyed every lesson with him and learnt at the same time. He is patient and friendly, he taught me to drive and not just to pass my test. I passed first time and I believe that is down to Kev's great teaching skills and Polos! Worth every penny and his MINI is a pleasure to drive. Learn in a MINI - you won't regret it!

Sarah, Crewe, Cheshire - Passed March 2015


Kev is a brilliant, patient and friendly instructor. Bringing his own uniqueness to help sooth new learners which has helped me to overcome even the most frustrating or scary parts of my driving experience,

me to overcome roundabouts and even setting off from traffic lights in the early days. Kev also introduces learners to areas not covered in the driving tests, giving you the experience of driving outside of test conditions. He provides a mixture a fun and seriousness to the lessons which helps to improve confidence on the road. As a satisfied customer, I would recommend Learn in a MINI, you get what you pay for and learning with Kev was worth every penny. I have enjoyed every step of the journey. I will looking to book my Pass Plus next with Kev.

Matthew, Acton, Cheshire - Passed February 2015


Kev is an excellent driving instructor - he is helpful and friendly, punctual, easy to communicate with, his MINI is immaculate and he has an endless supply of Polos. The lessons are always enjoyable and informative. He was recommended to me by my brother and I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Chris, Nantwich, Cheshire - Passed January 2015


Thanks to Kevin's fantastic ability as a driving instructor, I passed my test first time. He provided plenty of knowledge and expertise that I will be using throughout the rest of my life in my own driving. Not only did Kevin provide the skills required to pass the test, he also introduced me to areas outside of the testing area, bestowing a large amount of confidence in my driving. Through my experiences I would definitely recommend Learn in a MINI

Liam, Nantwich, Cheshire - Passed December 2014


For someone who driving seemed but a distant dream, I cannot express how elated I am to be in possession of the freedom provided by being a qualified driver. Through thoroughly systematic lesson plans and consistent, specialised feedback, Kev was able to spark a desire to succeed while all the while providing the wisdom and expertise needed to hone the skills required for, not only passing the driving test, but future driving also. Particularly helpful were the electronic resources concomitant with each lesson. Composed and accommodating, Kev tailored my tuition experience towards my own pace. Thank You, Kev!

Kyle, Nantwich, Cheshire - Passed November 2014


Learn in a MINI is great for learner drivers, especially with Kevin as my instructor. My only driving experience up to my test was with Kevin, once a week for 5 months and I passed my practical test first time. Kevin instilled confidence in my driving ability and when it came down to preparing for my test, I couldn't have been more prepared than I was. Kevin made sure I didn't go into the test without any stone unturned. I'd highly recommend taking lessons with Learn in a MINI if you want to be a good driver with confidence and want to be a good driver for life rather than just being able to pass the test.

Alex, Nantwich, Cheshire - Passed October 2014


I have recently passed my test first time and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Kev supports you through all areas of driving and his teaching is not just to get through the practical test. He genuinely wants you to be a confident and competent driver. The never ending supply of polos is also good motivation! I'd 100% recommend Learn in a MINI to anyone learning to drive, you couldn't find anyone better!

Kelly, Crewe, Cheshire - Passed October 2014


I have just passed my driving test first time, all thanks to the help of Kev from Learn in a MINI. The lessons are not only fun but also the constructive feedback he gives allows you to improve in every lesson (along with the incentive of the Polo's he is famous for!). Kev's sense of humour, friendly personality and passion to teach others to drive makes him the best driving instructor around. I can easily recommend Kev to anyone with the desire to drive!

Katie, Audlem, Cheshire


I have recently passed my test first time (being Kevin's 7th pass in a row!) thanks to Learn in a MINI and couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor. Initially, I was very nervous about the thought of learning to drive, however Kev was reassuring and made each lesson fun and engaging. Kev is patient and covers everything thoroughly to ensure that you can deal with any situation after you've passed. He was always prepared for each lesson using video aids on the iPad to help you understand challenging concepts. Compared to my friends who are learning to drive at 17, I felt that Kevin covered much more and was teaching me to drive for life rather than just to pass my test. I would highly recommend Learn in a MINI to anyone who wants a reliable and professional driving instructor who always arrives with the MINI spotless. Thank you so much Kev!

Alyssia, Winterley, Cheshire


I've just passed my test first time with Kev and just wanted to say thank you! The BEST instructor around! My lessons were so enjoyable and constructive. Not only is Kev a brilliant driving instructor he has a fab sense of humour too which really helps! I would 100% recommend learning to drive with Kev, best decision I've made!

Gemma, Crewe, Cheshire


Probably the best instructor around! Excellent constructive feedback given and you improve with every lesson. But most importantly Kev has an amazing personality and a great sense of humour. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Rich, Nantwich, Cheshire


I just wanted to say thank you for being a brilliant driving instructor! I wouldn't have passed without you, I was so nervous on the road due to bad experiences with other driving instructors. You thought of clever ways to make it all stick in my head, the "left is best" song will stay with me whenever I drive! Thanks to you I passed with only 2 minor faults and I am a safe and confident driver. I look forward to taking Pass Plus with you. I would recommend you to all my friends and family, a five star service. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Lois, Nantwich, Cheshire


Kevin is a fantastic instructor, he doesn't only teach you how to drive but helps you to be a safer and better driver for the future. He is always prompt and on time for lessons with the car in great condition. I would recommend Kevin to anyone, he has an excellent first time pass rate - I did it first time thanks to Learn in a MINI and Kevin!

Alex, Crewe, Cheshire


Learning with Kev and his MINI was great! He was an outstanding instructor, who was always organised, patient and relaxed. Kev not only teaches you to pass but how to be a better driver in the long run. I'd recommend him to anyone and the endless supply of Polos was always a plus! Thanks again Kev.

Alicia, Nantwich, Cheshire


I remember my first lesson with Learn in a MINI and the test seemed so far away. Now after being taught by Kev, I finally have my licence and the freedom that it will give me. I would definitely recommend Kev to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. He makes driving lessons a fun and enjoyable experience. I have had previous instructors that failed at helping me to feel comfortable and failed at controlling my nerves. Thanks Kev!

Emily, Nantwich, Cheshire


Kev was a great teacher with extreme knowledge, great organisation and patience. His MINI was always immaculate and had an endless supply of polos - it was a great car to learn in. He was always on time and had a smile on his face, no matter the time of day. All this added up to me passing my test first time with ZERO driving faults! Can't thank Kev enough. Great guy, great instructor. If you want to pass - "Learn in a MINI"

Gary, Crewe, Cheshire


After failing my test a number of times with other instructors and consequently getting very frustrated, I decided to give Kevin a call. Kevin's incredible patience and support meant that I began to enjoy driving and my confidence grew tenfold. Not only have I now passed my test, but I also regard myself as a very good driver, and it's all thanks to Kevin.
Becky, Nantwich, Cheshire


I really couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than Kev! The thorough methods and calm instructions I was given really helped me to grasp a good ability to drive straight away. I always felt comfortable when driving with Kev, which was initially crucial as I was nervous about getting in the drivers seat for the first time. He plans every lesson to suit exactly what you require as a young driver, developing your understanding of the road. I always looked forward to my driving lessons; knowing I’d learn something new every time. Passing my test with no faults was finally the cherry on top, and thanks to Kev the whole process of learning to drive was a really fun and incredibly rewarding process. He never failed to make me laugh and has definitely contributed to the fact I now am addicted to Polo’s! Thanks Kev!

Nicola, Audlem, Cheshire


Kev is an incredibly organised and thorough instructor. He knows exactly what he is talking about and understands how to teach it effectively, putting you at your ease with his enthusiastic and friendly approach. His professional planning of lessons each week is excellent and makes you feel like you are improving rapidly. He is very supportive and I know I wouldn't have been as optimistic as I am now about driving without his help. I will always remember his jokes as well as all the indepth teaching! I will be recommending Kev - Learn in a MINI to anyone wanting to learn to drive, as I know they won't regret it. Thanks for everything and helping me pass first time!

Becky, Nantwich, Cheshire


Kev is a fantastic driving instructor, whilst learning with him, it is obvious that he is very enthusiastic and a fun guy to learn with and the end result isn't just about the test, but teaching you various skills that will benefit you after passing.
Kev is very good at keeping you calm in stressful situations whilst learning and will have an answer to every driving question you could think of! He will use the Highway Code, draw out diagrams or show a demonstration so you know everything about how to approach a situation.
I personally had an amazing time with Kev, we had a good laugh and he was very professional, I shall be highly recommending him to any friends yet to learn and would highly recommend Learn in a MINI to anyone who wants to learn to drive.
Craig, Nantwich, Cheshire


I’ve recently passed my test first time after being taught by Kev. He was recommended to me by a friend and I’d definitely recommend him to anyone else. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons, Kev made me feel at ease from the start, allowing my confidence and driving skills to develop quickly. The Mini was fun to learn in and was always spotless. Thanks Kev for your excellent tuition, patience, punctuality and polo mints!
Luke, Crewe, Cheshire


I've recently passed, and I would recommend Kevin to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I felt uneasy about driving at first, but I was constantly reassured and made to feel at home. Kevin doesn't just teach you the bare minimum to scrape passing the test, he teaches you all of the valuable skills you will need in the future to make you the best driver possible. Kevin made lessons fun and something I looked forward to. Kevin was my second driving instructor and I noticed a huge improvement with my confidence and driving skills. Thank you for your tuition Kevin!

Aimee, Nantwich, Cheshire

Learn in a MINI - Amazing! We did it - thanks Kev!

Harry, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire


Kev is a great driving instructor. He is not only professional and highly experienced, but also enthusiastic and fun to learn with. With Kev, it’s not just about passing your test, but learning how to be a good driver throughout life. Kev is very approachable and no matter what the question, he will have the answer. From diagrams to verbal explanations to practical demonstrations, Kev makes sure you understand what’s going on. I had a wonderful experience learning to drive with Kev and will definitely be recommending Learn in a MINI to friends.

Katie, Newcastle, Staffordshire


Kev is a wonderful driving instructor whom I would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is incredibly patient, pleasant and most importantly makes learning fun. Kev strives to develop you into an independent, safe and confident driver empowering you with high quality driving skills. The red MINI is always spotless - a dream to drive and a pleasure to learn in! Kev is always on time, plans the lessons thoroughly and after each lesson he grades your progress which is very helpful and informative. I have been consistently impressed by his organisation and high standards of professionalism! I passed first time with Kev - which is the best feeling in the world!! Thanks for everything!

Amy, Audlem, Cheshire.


Had begun learning to drive but I didn't seem to be getting very far, so I decided to change instructors and go with Learn in a MINI. I then came on in leaps and bounds, Kevin's patience is amazing. He has a friendly and happy attitude towards teaching you to drive helping you to relax and be more confident and I am very happy to say I passed first time. Thanks Kevin!

Adele, Nantwich, Cheshire


I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. He is a great instructor, very patient and really works with you to tailor the lessons to your specific needs. The car is kept lovely and clean, and it is a real pleasure to drive. I passed both my practical and theory first time, and I believe Kevin had a real input in this. He makes sure you fully understand all aspects of driving and he made learning to drive an enjoyable experience.
Emma, Crewe, Cheshire


I highly recommend Kevin as a driving instructor. He's always on time, very friendly and patient. The lessons were always well planned and I have also completed the Pass Plus scheme with Kevin. Thank you Kevin for the many things you taught me.

Tukta, Nantwich, Cheshire


Thank you so much Kevin for all of the lessons and getting me through my test, I seriously can't believe I passed first time. I already had some experience of driving before taking lessons, and from the first hour Kevin quickly found my flaws and bad habits and helped me to stop them, or at least tried too. I made many stupid mistakes over the all of the lessons and he was very supportive. I strongly suggest Kevin as a driving instructor, he's great!

Joanne, Nantwich, Cheshire


After learning with Kevin for 5 months, I passed my test first time. Kevin was always patient and very friendly, and I saw him as more of a friend than a driving instructor. He knew exactly how to keep me calm and focused, he always had an endless supply of polo mints which helped me with my concentration and I'm now looking forward to doing my Pass Plus with him.

Fiona, Nantwich, Cheshire


I highly recommend Kevin as a driving instructor. All my lessons were carefully planned out and you know exactly where you are and how much progress you are making. He is a great instructor, very patient and explains things with the aid of diagrams. He's always on time and very friendly and easy to get on with. Also, he's very keen on teaching you to drive in the real world and not just about passing the test, so you feel a competent driver when you have passed. I passed first time and that's thanks to Kevin and his bright red MINI!

Lucy, Nantwich, Cheshire


Thanks very much for all your help, support and patient tuition, It`s been great fun Learning in a Mini! I would like to highly recommend Kevin Wise as an instructor to anyone considering learning to drive, he is a brilliant instructor, who gives lessons in a way which makes the learning fun and interesting. The Mini is a great car to drive. Kevin gives excellent value for money lessons, I passed first time!!
Chris, Crewe, Cheshire


Kevin is the best driving instructor. He goes through everything with you in detail and helps all the way to success. He doesn't mind if you make slight mistakes because everyone does now and then, but when you do he always explains where you went wrong and tells you methods of getting it right, plus how to improve it. I have recently passed my test, because of Kevin's teaching I passed first time. He's just an amazing instructor and I would recommend him to everyone who is starting to learn to drive.
Stephen, Nantwich, Cheshire


I didn't know the first thing about driving a car before I started learning with Kev. He was so helpful and great to learn with and the organisation of lesson plans and structure was excellent, helping me to pass first time with only 2 minor faults! There were many things Kev taught me that aren't included on the test but would prepare me for driving in reality on my own. He's a great instructor and funny to be with at the same time. I would highly recommend him to all of my friends!
Samantha, Nantwich, Cheshire


Recently passed the driving test and completed Pass Plus scheme under Kevin's tuition.Enjoyed the learning experience, and benefited from Kevin's high standard of teaching. Had previously taken lessons with another instructor and failed 3 tests. After taking a break, was recommended by a former instructor about Kevin's good reputation. This proved to be true and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a professional, experienced and friendly driving instructor. The Pass Plus course gave me lots of experience covering advanced driving techniques.
Ben, Nantwich, Cheshire


Learn in a MINI was for me, an excellent, professional and supportive way to learn to drive. Kev taught me in a way I could easily understand and I progressed quickly. I would advise anyone wanting to learn to drive to learn with Kev as I know I wouldn't have passed first time without his help. I can now feel confident with my driving skills thanks to Kev. 
He incorporates different learning techniques and various learning materials that helped me along the way. I would recommend Kev as an instructor to anyone that wants to learn to drive at a high standard and be confident on the roads. 

Tori, Nantwich, Cheshire


I've always wanted to learn to drive but after a brief few lessons with a previous instructor when I was 17 I felt like I wasn't progressing. When it came to learning again, I found Kev through recommendations and won a free 2 hour lesson. This got me back on track and I could tell immediately that learning with Kev was going to be much more comfortable. He taught me every aspect of driving and gave me more confidence. Every lesson was planned the week before so I knew what we would be covering and we always had a laugh which made it less intense. All of which helped, and allowed me to pass first time. I would recommend Learn In A MINI to anyone; for a friendly, relaxed way of learning to drive.
Kayleigh, Nantwich, Cheshire


At 26 I was feeling quite shy having to admit that I knew nothing about driving. Driving was just a mystery to me. Spending the first hour with Kevin was one of the greatest moments in my life as that awkward feeling just vanished within minutes. Kevin boosted my morale and confidence and gave me all the necessary support that was needed in becoming a safe driver. If Kevin Wise tells you "yes you can" then be sure there is nothing that will stop you. If he says it is OK then be sure you can do it.
Kev, I don't not know what words I can use to express the joy I have experienced while learning under your capable hands. You have been an inspiration to my life. It still has not sunk in yet that I passed my test first time and did my first independent drive of 219 motorway miles when collecting my car from Kent!
Gordon, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire


After 6 months of driving lessons with a different driving instructor, I switched to Kevin and managed to pass my test first time within 3 months with just one driving fault! He was a great instructor with endless patience who always showed up on time with the car spotless. The lessons were always well planned with a discussion at the end about your strengths and weaknesses, which helped focus you for the next lesson. I am now a safe and confident driver and I would definitely recommend Learn in a MINI to friends!
Erika, Nantwich, Cheshire


When I turned 17 and began driving lessons, I enrolled with a large local driving school. I found the instructor I was given to be very de-motivating, sometimes making me feel upset to the point that I would dread my next driving lesson, thus leading me to give up my lessons for the next 18 months.
When I felt ready to start again, I searched the internet and came across ‘Learn in a MINI’, and decided to give Kev a call. When I began lessons with him, I found Kev to be really pleasant, friendly and approachable. The lessons were extremely motivating; I was actually enjoying learning again! The photographic lesson aids and guides that I was provided with helped me to understand driving in much greater detail, and Kev gave me the confidence and guidance I needed to pass.
Amy, Crewe, Cheshire


When I turned 17 I didn’t feel ready to learn to drive; but after graduating from university learning to do so became a necessity. Kevin was a patient and excellent tutor, who understood that I needed to learn short time scale and around a busy work schedule. He is an expert tutor, who was always well-prepared for lessons. Kevin taught me to do more than just pass my test, and I would, and have, recommended him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive.
Heather, Willaston, Cheshire


'Thanks Kev for all your patient, well planned tuition - passing my test first time came as no real surprise as I knew you had prepared me to be able to achieve it. I really appreciated you being able to accomodate my hectic schedule in organising my lessons and not just teaching me to pass but teaching me to be a driver. I'd definitely recommend 'Learn in a Mini'! Thanks again!'
LeRoy, Nantwich, Cheshire


As soon as I became 17 I wanted to get out on the road and start learning to drive. I was given a suprise lesson on my birthday. I was very impressed with Kevin from the start, not only was his car fantastic to drive but he was an excellent instructor always offering encouragement and advice. I'll certainly recommend Kevin to my friends who are learning to drive as I don't see how you can get anyone better.


Elliot, Sandbach, Cheshire


Our son was desperate to learn to drive as soon as he was 17 and we chose Kevin because he liked MINIs. What an excellent choice we made. Unless you have a recommendation from a friend it is difficult to know who to choose, so it can be a case of pot luck. Throughout though Kevin had a totally professional approach teaching him to drive. Not only does he teach students to pass their driving test, he teaches driving skills for as many different situations as possible so that they able to drive competently and confidently as soon as they have passed their test. On top of this, Kevin arrives on time every time and the MINI is always spotless.
Elliot's parents, Sandbach, Cheshire


Thanks to Kevin, I’ve now passed my driving test with just 1 minor fault! I am so incredibly happy and still in disbelief about this wonderful result. I believe that learning with Kevin has taught me a great preciseness of driving and I have now not just passed my test first time, but I feel in every way confident and have a great knowlegde of driving as a whole. I can recommend Kevin in every sense, for anybody wanting to learn how to drive, not only in a super red MINI but to be trained thoroughly and in depth and to have a very reliable, organised and accurate driving instructor.

Eva, Willaston, Cheshire


My first challenge is living abroad with my husband serving in the forces. When I first spoke with Kevin over the phone he was very understanding about my circumstances and assured me that he would be there as long as I needed him. I first flew back in Nov 07 and had arranged with Kevin to have 17 hours in one week, this was quiet a gruelling task for me as I only had a little bit of driving experience and I was scared stiff of roundabouts as there there aren't very many in Germany.
I wasn't going to let it beat me and after the New Year I called Kevin and asked him to book me in for another 12 hours. I was quiet happy just to get in the car and drive. I still had my bad day when I cried because I got so frustrated with myself but Kevin was there for me all the way. I passed my test with only 6 minor faults.
I love driving now and I know that I wouldn't have been able to do it without Kevin there to support me.

Michelle, BFPO, Germany


I was really nervous about driving for the first time, but all the build up was pointless as I settled in straight away thanks to Kevin. I learnt to drive in 10 weeks on an intensive course with Learn in a MINI and I passed my test first time. I have other commitments and Kevin was great to fit me in for 7am starts, so that I could always finish in time to take care of them. I enjoyed the course so much and every day he was on time and never finishing early (which I've heard is a rarity amongst driving instructors). Each day Kevin would know how to get me warmed up and get the best out of my driving. Each lesson was cleverly planned to ensure that not only did I pass my test, but I also knew how to drive safely afterwards.
I have already recommended Learn in a MINI to many people and will continue to do so, as I would like others to share in the fun, learning to drive experience that I had. I'm looking forward to doing the Pass Plus course with Kevin and will definitely be splashing out on a MINI Cooper some day...the car is just awesome!

Kenny, Crewe, Cheshire


I found Kevin to be an excellent teacher and the MINI an equally good car to learn in. As a 27 year old novice I felt that the rate of progress was always appropriate and steady. Kevin was flexible in his teaching style: when certain problems kept rearing their head this adaptability meant that even the most tricky problems in my driving ironed themselves out through a number of different approaches. Furthermore he was very flexible in the hours and times that we met up - working around my schedule as a full time worker and I always felt the lessons were organised by clear learning objectives. He was good company too - v important in a small car over a large number of hours! I passed first time, right on schedule. Many thanks!

Charlie, Crewe, Cheshire


I started learning how to drive with Kevin 3 months ago. He was always on time for lessons and came well prepared. I was very nervous to start with but Kevin had the ability to put me at ease and calm me down very quickly, he was very patient and understanding. He was able to address any concerns I had professionally. With Kevin’s help I quickly overcame my anxiety and gradually gained confidence on the roads. As well as preparing me for a Driving Test he taught me how to drive on all types of roads. I felt well prepared for my test, which I passed first time with only one minor fault. I would certainly recommend Kevin to anyone thinking of Learning to drive, and I am looking forward to completing Pass Plus with him.

Stephen, Willaston, Cheshire


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