If you are just about to start supervising your son or daughter as they learn to drive or want to improve your own driving skills then Advanced Driving Coaching is for you.
Passing the L test is only just the minimum standard required to share the roads with 33 million other drivers and just as top sportsmen and women require coaching to keep them at the peak of their game, we would all benefit from similar coaching to ensure our driving improves over the years.
Very few motorists take any form of Advanced Driving Coaching as there is currently very little incentive to do so but lower insurance premiums, reducing fuel consumption and emisssions, being an excellent role model for new drivers and the satisfaction of driving safely and well are all worthwhile reasons for being a little different.
My Advanced Driving Coaching sessions will be tailored to your particular needs, for example, you may want to:
  • Brush up on your driving knowledge before supervising a learner in the family
  • Reduce your fuel consumption and emissions by driving in the Eco-Safe style
  • Ensure your driving is at a high standard ready for a job interview
  • Challenge yourself to take one of the Advanced Driving tests and prove to yourself and others that, yes, you are a good driver!

Whatever your circumstances your sessions can be tailored to fit, Advanced Driving Coaching sessions are priced at £38.00 per hour and include pick up and drop off at a pre-agreed location.

If you wish to take an Advanced Test at the end of the sessions I recommend the DIAmond Advanced test and can help you arrange this.


Please contact me on 07931 537124 or 01270 659112 to discuss your requirements and book your course

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