Eco-Safe Driving for Full Licence Holders:
Eco-Safe driving is a recognised and proven style of driving that contributes to road safety whilst reducing fuel consumption and emissions. If you drive in an Eco-Safe style you will be more relaxed, save wear and tear on your car and reduce your fuel bill too!

The current Driving Test now includes an assessment of your ability to drive in the Eco-Safe style - and all Learn in a MINI pupils are taught this from the beginning of their lessons and take part in a fun Eco-Safe challenge to put it to the test.


Now for a limited time Learn in a MINI offer the chance for experienced drivers to brush up on their technique in a 1 and 1/2 hour session for just £38.00 (special offer until 31st July 2022)


  • The session will include practical tips and advice on:
  • Hazard Awareness / planning and anticipation: By identifying hazards earlier and allowing adequate time to react you will be able to ensure that your braking and acceleration is smooth and progressive. By maintaining space around your vehicle you will be able to drive more calmly. 
  • Use of Accelerator / Momentum / Engine braking: Using the car controls smoothly is a big factor in saving fuel - with correct use of your right foot, either the cars momentum or engine braking will maximise your fuel economy.
  • Best use of the gears: It is not always necessary to change up or down through each gear - by selective skipping of the gears, up and down, you will make the best use of your engine's power.
  • Driving in heavier traffic/route planning: By planning your route to avoid known congestion you will avoid times where you are not moving but still wasting fuel. Turning the engine off is appropriate in many cases.
  • How looking after your car can save you money: Reducing clutter in your car removes weight and reduces your engine's workload, also tyre pressures are not exciting but make a huge difference to your car's fuel economy.


Finally, take the Learn in a MINI Eco-Safe driving challenge: As part of the session you will get the chance to drive a set 18 mile route - aiming to get the best fuel consumption and average speed (combined total).

Surely as an experienced driver you would be able to beat the current leading learner in the latest car: Maddie Capewell (below), who achieved a 100.1 combined score on the 10th August 2020 - 72.4 mpg at an average speed of 27.7 mph. Wouldn't you?



Please contact me on 07931 537124 or 01270 659112 to discuss your requirements and book your Eco-Safe Driving course

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